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Buy Wise Marketing is a leader not a follower in the sales and marketing world.  With innovative marketing tools and techniques, BWM has been able to capture audiences and drive success to our clients.  With over 15 years experience in the sales and marketing world, BWM has fine tuned the approach taken to bring your service or product to your intended customers.  Whether it is men or women, health or industrial or educational or medical, we have the ability to target specific customers or all customers.

BWM is also a sales driven company.With a sales staff of 20 experienced representatives, BWM has the ability to bring your products or services to the market. We will work with you and provide a “game plan�? needed to successfully penetrate the intended market. An example of one of our tasks has been the FaceDoctor line of products in Canada. Brought to us in July 2003, we have brought the line to national recognition and have made Facedoctor a known brand in 80% of Canada’s pharmacy and grocery companies, such as Loblaws, A&P, Pharmaplus, Rexall, and Pharmasave to name a few. Gaining shelf space with these retailers has also been dependent on the ability to drive customers to their stores.

Advertising campaigns and other client marketing programs are planned, developed and executed independently and confidentially. Our ROI boosting strategic process has been proven to make every consumer more productive. To put your communications on the fast track to success, BWM will work to make your campaign effective and noticeable on the clients end. Making an association with us gives your company what it desperately needed to become a high profile business enterprise.


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